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PostSubject: Foamy's Profile   Foamy's Profile EmptySat Mar 01, 2008 3:46 pm

Picture:Foamy's Profile Scrubs
Age :none
Occupation : HA HA HA
Favorite quote : Cause the bullshit man said so.
Favorite color : dark blue
Favorite animal : platypus
Studying in : Books
Location : A website
Likes: Video games, my wii:p, pop-tarts
Dislikes: Mind of Mencia, JEFF!, ufc, people who think they're funny when the quote scarface.
Favorite Movie: Airplane
Favorite Show: Scrubs
Hobbies: Sitting
Favorite Song: B.Y.O.B
Favorite Band: Pink Flyod
DOB: 10/05
Favorite Food: Toast
More about yourself: I'm the biggest J.V. nerd
Position: MOD?
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Foamy's Profile
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